The Restaurant

Casetta di Trastevere


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"My house, Casetta di Trastevere" as Claudio Villa sang. Casetta di Trastevere is a welcoming place that reflects the sparkling life of the neighborhood and tells the unique story of the city of Rome.

Located in the enchanting Piazza de' Renzi, surrounded by the vibrant life of Trastevere's alleys and far from the hustle and bustle of the busiest streets, Casetta di Trastevere opens up to the view of a majestic and flowery magnolia tree, welcoming you in a dreamy and relaxed atmosphere. Since 1952 Casetta di Trastevere has been offering high quality Roman cuisine, to be tasted both sitting at tables outside and in its spacious and refined interior spaces. The restaurant was born in a place where there was a former body shop, which according to the legend of the district had in the past been the location of daring events, shrouded by a cinematographic allure. In fact, not by chance, the famous Italian director Federico Fellini used the square and its stunning views as a set to shoot a scene from the legendary movie titled 'Roma'. In this restaurant both the local and international clientele can feel like the protagonist of a past but still alive history, where popular traditions imprinted among the narrow streets of medieval layout and historic houses, blend with the lively modern life and entertainment offered by the cultural and fun attractions of the neighborhood.